Progress Report


Sierra is adjusting very well to her new school and environment. Within the first few weeks of her attending her new school the onsite audiologist remapped her cochlear implants for several hours over the course of two days. Her implant’s processors were so out of tune that they were surprised she has learned anything at all and were quite impressed with her accomplishments under these conditions. They are now so well adjusted that she is at an average persons hearing capabilities and this hard work from her current audiologist has been immediately rewarded by significant improvement in her learning performance. This is an astounding difference from her treatment in Virginia considering her audiologist there only wanted to see her once a year for an hour, despite our concerns of her implants needing to be adjusted. We “shopped” around in Virginia for adequate audiologist and this was the best that was offered and recommended. The time involved readjusting the processors confirms that her previous audiologist just did not care enough to put in the effort to have her succeed. We are beyond impressed with the services currently being provided by this incredible institution. In Virginia, Sierra was placed in an ordinary kindergarten class while we were told that she would just be shuffled along in the system until she graduated, most likely not even being able to read at an elementary level. Virginia’s school system concluded that Sierra was way below average intelligence and that she was not capable of learning or intellectual growth. Yesterday on 10/8/13 we had an IEP (Individual Education Plan) meeting at Sierra’s school. This was done after a thorough testing and evaluations of Sierra’s current academic standing. They have scored her at average intelligence despite Virginia’s feeble attempt at her education and not only concur that she is extremely capable of learning but, that she has extreme potential for academic success. This IEP meeting focused on her strengths and weaknesses and the courses of action to correct them within this school year. She gets one on one attention daily to address her specific needs along with other classes involving social interaction with other implanted children. Her strengths and weaknesses have been identified and they are being tackled by her teachers with aggression and compassion.  Her teachers love her humor and her outgoing lovable attitude as much as anyone else who has been lucky enough to know her. The other students in her class at St. Josephs have already accepted her as one of their own and the older children have taken her under their wing with love, guidance, and encouragement. I want to thank everyone again that helped make this possible. This is where Sierra belongs and what she desperately needs. Everybody has high expectations in her success here and as a parent I can’t explain how priceless this opportunity is. We have been sending resumes at every appropriate opportunity with no current success. We must pay a tuition of $4,000 yearly to maintain this level of specialized education for Sierra while we are already $1,200 behind in payments, so donations for this cause are greatly appreciated. Updates will continue to be posted here and I hope you enjoy this continuing inspirational story of Sierra’s progress and success.


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