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Sierra is Here!

We have been in St. Louis for about a month and Sierra has been in her new school for just as long considering we got here only 3 days before she started her first day of school at St. Joseph’s Institute for the Deaf. Sorry for the delay in our update but we have been very busy adjusting to life with children in a new place. Sierra is already showing great strides of improvement in her academics and we have only been reinforced with confidence that this was the right decision. We must acquire $4000 in tuition per year for her attendance at this spectacular school and this is why donations are still being accepted. The sierra compilation video was to show where she was at academically before, and I will post new video of her improvement soon. I can not express my deep gratitude enough, towards the people who helped to make this possible.The ones who helped make this possible, know who they are, and  I pray you feel the gratification of changing a special child’s life.